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Credit, debit or WiBX? National Association of Restaurants starts partnership with Brazilian Cryptocurrency

Retailers affiliated to the National association of Restaurants (ANR) already can offer to their clients along with the credit and debit options, the option to pay with cryptocurrency in the checkout. The entity has a commercial agreement with Wiboo, a startup responsible for the WiBX platform, a utility token  that promotes a marketing programme between companies and consumers. 

With the commercial agreement, Wiboo becomes the supplier of digital solutions approved by the entity. This way, the associates can use the services of the platform for free for thirty days. Taken from there, those who are interested in continuing with the partnership will have special commercial conditions. 

The ANR is one of the principal associations in the Brazilian food service sector, grouping a few of the prime chains in the country, like Burger King, Bob’s and Spoleto. The objective is to strengthen the digital marketing ecosystem for retailers.  

“ The digital environment has become a strategy each time more necessary due to the Covid-19, bringing it to raise sales or relate with consumers. We want to provide an efficient alternative for the relationship between this sector by means of digital coins”, affirms Cássio Rosas, Head of Marketing and Strategy of WiBX.

ANR associates interested in making good use of the partnership and using the services that WiBX has to offer can get in touch with the company directly by email, associadoanr@wiboo.com.br.

Pioneer in Brazil and the world, WiBX allows their users to convert likes obtained while sharing their partner’s advertisements by digital coins that can further be traded by products or even money. 

For the retailer, it is simple. He or she only needs to create the business’s environment in the platform and develop advertisements for their products and later stimulate their clients to engage with it. On the other hand, consumers only need to register on the platform, what’s free, in order to create the digital wallet to receive the coins. 

Moreover, the person chooses which social media between Facebook, Twitter or WhatsApp, to share the advertisement of choice in order to obtain a certain value in WiBX. At the end, there is the possibility of trading it for other products or services announced in the platform or stores or negotiate in external exchanges for money. 

About WiBX 

Created by the startup Wiboo, WiBX is a utility token of mass use that promotes à loyalty programme between retailers and consumers by using the cryptocurrency. In its platform, companies create an online environment to divulge announcements of products and services, allowing their users to share them in their social media. Dessa forma, a cada engajamento eles ganham criptomoedas para trocarem por produtos na plataforma ou até para negociarem em exchanges de moedas digitais. WiBX is the first Brazilian cryptocoin to be listed in Mercado Bitcoin, the biggest exchange in Latin America, in addition to being the first Brazilian digital coin aimed at the services of retailers, with the possibility of being used in the daily routine.Source: https://cointelegraph.com.br/press-releases/credit-debit-or-wibx-national-restaurant-association-partners-with-brazilian-digital-currency

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