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    Rei do Mate begins relationship with consumers through digital coin


    Partnership with the WiBX platform will allow new steps in the interaction with clients, that will be rewarded for each Like or Share in their social media



    Rei do Mate, a traditional retailer chain of drinks and food ready for consumption, started testing in an online branch the many WiBX’s functionalities, a utility token that acts as a digital marketing platform, bringing near companies and consumers. 



    According to the startup Wiboo, creator of WiBX, the innovation makes feasible to the companies a new way of publicity, relationships and sales. On the other hand, for the consumers it is “a fun, safe and fast way of sharing, purchasing and acquiring products with digital coins”. 




    How it works



    In its platform, companies create an online environment to divulge announcements of products and services, allowing their users to share them in their social media. Later, develops advertisements for products and services and from there incentives people to engage in it. In other words, make available to a client base to distribute in their personal social media. The consumer interested in participating has to register and open a Digital Wallet, what’s free, in order to receive digital coins. In the platform the client visualizes all advertisements available and chooses which ones to share in social media (WhatsApp, Facebook and Twitter). 



    Each like or share, a determined amount of WiBX is gained, that can be used to purchase products and services from retailers or negotiated in Exchanges for money.



    In Rei do Mate’s pilot project, all functionalities will be available in phases. The engagement campaigns represent the beginning of the work, with the distribution of institutional and promotional content, up until the promotional combos that accept the WiBX digital coin as payment. 



    Source: https://www.savarejo.com.br/detalhe/simples-assim-sa/rei-do-mate-inicia-relacionamento-com-consumidores-por-meio-de-moeda-digital 


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