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    Start-ups factory, Squadra Ventures launches R$100 million fund for new business

    During abundant times, the capital venture firm differentiate itself from others by its attached value in mentorships and support for the entrepreneurs to scale their business, the so called Smart Money. Squadra Ventures does everything, but also manages the business together with the entrepreneur — taking on not only the financial risks, but also dividing responsibilities for the best or worst. 

    Founded in 2018 by guga Stocco — entrepreneur of the first internet generation and creator of the digital operation of the Banco Original —, and three more associates that together make up this new concept of business. 

    Presently, almost after three years and 18 investments, Squadra will expand in order to support entrepreneurs in more advanced stages, launching their first investments fund of R$ 100 million in a private fund-raising initiative. 

    The new fund is also the beginning of the movement that should peak, in the next few years, the creation of a venture capital management group.

    The Investment Fund in Participations was born with a patrimony of R$ 40 million and participation in the 18 startups — The value represents what Squadra already had invested since its creation. Also, it will start a private collection of R$ 60 million to invest in a dozen more startups, focusing in technological areas from the future, with blockchain and artificial intelligence, and health and well being. 

    With the fund, Squadra intends on adding to companies portfolios that they already operate, participating in Tier A series and checks of almost R$ 15 million. Nowadays, checks go between R$ 500 thousand to R$ 5 million. 

    — In this day and age money is not a problem. Companies go bankrupt by having bad project execution — Said Giacarlo Barone, CEO and co-founder of Squadra, that built his career in the publicitary market and in audiovisual production, and that has in the CV a nomination to the Latin Grammy and Lion in the Cannes Festival. 

    The other two founders also built their career away from Faria Lima. The Chief Operating Officer, Fabio Fakri, is a businessman from the Show Business. He launched his career as Luan Santana and Fernando & Sorocaba manager. Moreover, the Chief Financial Officer, Eduardo Zaidan, has added as experience, a passage as Financial Director and CEO of well known companies in different sectors.

    — The way to reduce mortality, regarding businesses,  is to assume the risks together as an entrepreneur. If it doesn’t work, we are also responsible — sums up Eduardo. 

    Squadra’s portfolio today is very complete and includes a Live production Label (ClapMe), that exploded during the Covid-19 Pandemic; a art tech that is a platform of divulgation and remuneration of artists (ArtBit), founded in the USA and that has the drummer of Guns N’Roses, Matt Sorum as associate; a company of products based in Cannabidiol and THC for medicinal use (Zeph), also founded in the USA and that will have as goal to export to Brazil when allowed by the legislation; A residential furniture rental business (Spaceflix) and a consultancy of cyber security in cloud (Hawk).

    In order to get here, besides the capital of the founder associates, Squadra also received contributions from Jackson Gomes, who was CEO of the Banco Original,  and other investors that preferred to remain unknown.

    Squadra — with none connection between the management firm located in Rio with the same name — had been acting discretely since its foundation. The name Squadra started to appear last month, with the news of one of its investments, WiBX, the first Brazilian cryptocurrency, that will also have Roberto Justus as investor and counselor.



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