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    WiBX announces sponsorship with Corinthians women’s team

    In a moment like this we see an increase in support to the women’s football and its competitions in Brazil, WiBX, digital coin destined for retailers, will stamp the team’s bus of Sport Club Corinthians Paulista, starting from the next game of the team against Santos. The match will happen on the 21th of October, at the Alfredo Schürig Stadium, inside the Saint Jorge’s square, being the second round of the Feminine Championship of Football of São Paulo. 

    With the intention of stimulating the modality, the company believes that the women’s football, besides its recent growth, still needs more support from brands and people to evolve and fairly reach the level of visibility of the men’s league. This relationship is beneficial also for WiBX, that besides incentivising the sport, will have exposition for the brand and platform created by them with the sponsorship. In addition to other measurements of implementation of the platform along the team involving the team’s supporters that are also in the radar for future actions. 

    The brand’s logo also will be present in places like banners in the stadium. This is not the only measurement to support the sport taken by the utility token, that has previously sponsored the Masters Panamericanos Games, that happen in Rio de Janeiro. 

    “The Corinthians women’s team is an example that has a lot of deeds and records that make any men’s team jealous! Nothing fairer than supporting them so they reach even more impressive deeds”, explained Cássio rosas, Head of Marketing and strategy of WiBX.

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