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WiBX closes partnership with investment funds and names connected to retail

Digital coins and the technology employed to them starts to gain space in the country, being part of the daily life of people and companies. This way, successful initiatives in this segment start to gain fund support with investments. It is WiBX’s case, Brazilian digital currency that promotes marketing between retail and consumers. This week WiBX closed a partnership with investment funds, as well as with an executive group connected to the retail sector. 

Squadra Ventures (managed by Guga Stocco), Treecorp Investimentos (that has as associate Roberto Justus) and the executives Eduardo Terra (president of SBVC), Cristiano Melles (president of ANR) and Caio Mesquita (president of Acta Holding) have joined the partners group. The group already has ITA (Technological Institute of Aeronautics) as technological partner.

Roberto Justus will occupy a chair in WiBX’s consultative council to help in the acceleration of operations and to guarantee the scalability of the business. This way, he intends to help serving as a guide to the strategic developments as well as with potential relationships with clients and partners.

“The partnership with Squadra Ventures and Treecorp reenforces our commitment with delivering the best solution for digital marketing and relationship between for companies to have between Blockchain technology. With this support, we can amplify our participation and provide more advantages in trade relations between business and consumers”, affirms Pedro Alexandre, Founder and CEO of WiBX.

WiBX has a venturous plan of expansion and intends on attracting more users to the platform. The main goal is to double the user base  before the end of 2020 – Nowadays, there are more than 160 thousand users registered. Equally important, there are on average R$ 1,5 million negotiated, with peaks of R$ 10 million.

“After analysing WiBX, we believe that the project has a unique technology, a big user base registered and with our support it has a lot of potential to expand its usability in other fronts in the consume and retail sectors,” affirms Roberto Justus. 

What’s WiBX? 

WiBX is a  utility token, or token of use, that promotes a loyalty programme between retailers and consumers. A digital currency that promotes a marketing programme between companies and their customers. The project was created by the startup Wiboo 6 years ago, and in 2017 began to function with Blockchain technology. This way, it is possible to trade Likes obtained by sharing the advertisement for money or products, efficiently. 

That said, there are two fronts of attention. For retailers, it’s possible to create the environment in the WiBX platform.  Later, develop advertisements for products and services and from there, starts incentivising people to engage with it. In other words, make available to a client base in order to distribute in their personal social media.

The consumer interested in participating has to register and open a Digital Wallet, what’s free, in order to receive digital coins. In the platform, client visualize all advertisements available and choose which one to share in social media (WhatsApp, Facebook and Twitter). For each like or share, a determined amount of WiBX is gained, that can be used to purchase products and services from retailers or negotiated in Exchanges for money.

About WiBX   

Created by the startup Wiboo, WiBX is a utility token of mass use that promotes a loyalty programme between retailers and consumers by using the cryptocurrency. In its platform, companies create an online environment to divulge announcements of products and services, allowing their users to share them in their social media. WiBX is the first Brazilian Cryptocurrency to be listed in Mercado Bitcoin, the biggest exchange in Latin America, in addition to being the first Brazilian digital coin aimed at the services of retailers, with the possibility of being used in the daily routine.

Source: https://cointelegraph.com.br/press-releases/wibx-signs-partnership-with-investment-funds-and-names-linked-to-retail 

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