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WiBX in the real economy: Digital Coin creates pilot project with Rei do Mate

A online branch of the Rei do Mate chain will test the functionalities of the loyalty platform by means of the digital coin WiBX

Rei do Mate, one of the biggest food chains of Brazil closes a commercial agreement with WiBX, utility token pioneer that promotes a relationship between retailers and consumers by using digital assets. It is a matter of a partnership that implements a pilot project as head start. 

In this stage, the project will happen in an online branch of the chain for tests of the platform WiBX. The first step has already been given with the configuration of the store’s online environment, on the following days, the first campaigns will be available for the clients to share.

The main idea is that the company tests the functionalities available in phases. The engagement campaigns represent the beginning of their work, as well as the distribution of content (institutional and promotional), until the promotional combos that accept WiBX as payment. 

“Rei do Mate is one of the biggest franchises in the country and, besides that, it has total alignment with our business in products and quality and importance. It has everything to be a great partnership and advantageous for both sides”explains Cássio Rosas, Head of Marketing and Strategy from WiBX.

The main objective of the partnership is to show the potential of the functionalities that the utility token offers to the brands, and public consumers. For the companies, it is a new way to approach publicity, relationships and sales. For users, it is fun, fast, secure and easy to share, earn and acquire products with digital coins. 

With both parts connected and engaged to deliver the best results, the goal is to amplify the pilot project to all the branches of the franchise. Nowadays, Rei do Mate has more than 310 stores scattered around the country.

What is WiBX all about?

WiBX is a utility token, that acts as a platform of digital marketing, bringing near companies and consumers. The project is a pioneer in Brazil and one of the first in the world, being created by the startup Wiboo and, since 2017, has been using blockchain technology. This way, it is possible to convert Likes obtained while sharing advertisements for money or products. 

That said, there are two displays. For retailers, it’s possible to create the environment in the WiBX platform. Later, develops advertisements for products and services and from there incentivize people to engage in it. In other words, make available to a client base to distribute in their personal social media.

The consumer interested in participating has to register and open a Digital Wallet, what’s free, in order to receive digital coins. In the platform the client visualizes all advertisements available and chooses which ones to share in social media (WhatsApp, Facebook and Twitter). 

Each like or share, a determined amount of WiBX is gained, that can be used to purchase products and services from retailers or negotiated in Exchanges for money, for example, Mercado Bitcoin, the biggest exchange in Latin America. WiBX is the first Brazilian cryptocurrency to be listed in. Source: https://tecnolera.com/wibx-na-economia-real-moeda-digital-faz-projeto-piloto-com-rei-do-mate/

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